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Our Story

My Children's Treasures is a family-owned business located in Miami, Florida and has been in business since 1999.  The Company is dedicated to creating and producing products designed to enhance children's naptime and other preschool experiences by maximizing the hygienic and comfort quality of the products.  The company's products are made in U.S.A. and are found in thousands of preschools classes all over the United States.  My Children's Treasures is a proud provider to American Montessori Society school's list of suppliers.

Our Naptime Package is made with love for the little ones

Our sales leader is the Naptime Package which comes in 11 lovely colors. It has been thoughtfully designed to enhance what should be the quiet gentle naptime experience of children in preschool classes.   This is achieved by providing each child with a perfectly custom made fitted sheet for any size cot, mat or crib, a children's size pillow with pillowcase, a 100% cotton thermal or fleece blanket and matching fabric carry-all bag.  All items have a special label to personalize each item.

Colors Available: 

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