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Naptime & More

for your little ones

Since 1999
Benefits of using the Naptime Package

*  More personal and home- like  naptime experience

* Personalizing labels on all items

*  Enhanced hygienic conditions which help avoid the spread of viruses among children

* Storage space saving in the classroom 

Easy storage

Children love the Naptime Package

A complete set

We custom make Naptime packages for all types of bedding:  cots, cribs and mats in all shapes and sizes

What is the Naptime Package?

It contains all items for the rest time of the children during naptime.  

It includes:

*  Fitted sheet for cot, mat or crib

*  Thermal or Fleece blanket

*  Pillow and pillowcase

*  Carry-All-Bag

All items have a label for personalization 

Courtesy of Jollipolli Preshool

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